Sawa Bono Friends! Welcome.

Since 1998, I have been blogging here at What originally started out as a 90-Day Lifehacking/Self-Improvement Project – later became my own personal refuge – a place where I felt safe authentically sharing my journey with a bunch of anonymous strangers on the interwebs. Over the years, I would frequently “blank slate” the site – archiving all of my content – and beginning again from scratch.

I blogged about everything from relationships to community, technology to meditation, personal development to marketing, happiness, fear, and even love. Despite multiple attempts to reign in my focus/niche my content – I found myself jumping from one shiny new topic to another. It wasn’t until recently that I discovered a common theme throughout almost everything I ever posted – FAITH.

So dear friends, welcome to the newest incarnation of, located “Somewhere at the intersection of FAITH, WONDER, & LOVE”.