THE LIST aka "Things To Do Before I Die..."


  • READ: The Bible Chronologically
  • Schedule Sesshin in October (Batavia)
  • READ: Searching for Sunday
  • READ: The Perfect Joy of St. Francis
  • SW: Sell Out First Retreat
  • SW: Build Out Couples Program
  • SW: Get Featured in NY Times
  • SW: Launch Podcast


  • Reach Goal Weight by End of Summer (118 lbs)
  • Run 10 Miles Without Stopping
  • Run a Half-Marathon
  • Run a Marathon
  • 6-Pack Abs
  • Waist Training: 24-Inch Waist


  • Seminary (or equivalent path)
  • Give An Ignite Boulder Talk
  • Give A TEDxBoulder Talk
  • Learn To Speak French Fluently
  • Write A Column for Modern Love
  • Write A Book
  • Start A Church
  • Launch Exceptional Podcast
  • Sign 2 Dream Clients