My Path

I practice Zen Buddhism in the lineage of Maezumi Roshi. Maezumi was unique in that he received transmission in three separate Zen traditions: Soto, Rinzai and Harada-Yasutani. My Dharma home is Hazy Moon Zen Center in LA where I study under Karen Maezen Miller Sensei and have sat Dokusan with Nyogen Roshi (who received transmission from Maezumi Roshi).

“Happiness is simple. Everything we do to find it is complicated.” Karen Maezen Miller

The Teachings of Maezumi Roshi
1. Do Not Deceive Yourself.
2. Do Not Make Excuses For Yourself.
3. Take Responsibility.

The Teachings of Katagiri Roshi
1. Continue under All Circumstances.
2. Don’t Be Tossed Away—Don’t Let Anything Stop You.
3. Make Positive Effort for the Good.

“To be a writer, and to be a teacher of writing, is to constantly, steadfastly open oneself up to what is. To not shy away. To feel fear and embrace that fear — otherwise known as courage — and to find a voice for what feels impossible to say.”Dani Shapiro