Erica’s Legacy List
(or What I Plan To Do Before I Die)

  • Run The Bolder Boulder

The Bolder Boulder is an annual 10K in Boulder Colorado that was first run in 1979 (the year I was born). Nearly 54,000 people participated in 2011, with even more expected this year.

Completed May 28th, 2012.

  • Scuba Certification

As a High School Graduation gift my Mother bought me Scuba Diving Lessons. But instead of getting my Scuba Certification, I traded in my gift certificate for the cash to buy something “I” wanted. I can’t even remember what that something was now. But if I had it to do over again – I would have taken those lessons.

  • Achieve My Goal Weight

Since moving to Boulder on April 1st 2012, I have lost 26 lbs 32 lbs 38 lbs 55 lbs through exercise, meditation, natural movement, and a healthy diet. My goal is to get to my goal weight over the next year, and to maintain that weight for as long as possible.

  • Life-Hacking: Waist Training

This is a relatively new concept for me – and I’m interested in exploring it in a safe, practical and healthy way.

  • Start A Movement

I’d like to start a movement around A Year To Live which asks the question “What would you do if there was no tomorrow?”

  • Write A Book

I’m currently working on 2 different books, it’s just a race to see which one I finish first. One is a memoir and the other is a collection of stories.

  • Go On An African Safari

This is something that both terrifies and excites me. Being that close to wild animals, their majesty, beauty, and ferocity – would be an incredible experience.

  • Learn To Play Tennis

I tried taking Tennis in college, but I had a hard time keeping the balls from flying over the fence. In fact, my instructor recommended I drop the class.

  • Learn To Play Rugby

Sometimes I imagine myself to be more aggressive and powerful than I actually am. In those moments – I think about taking up a full-contact sport like Rugby. It just so happens that we have a great Women’s Team here in Boulder.

  • IMDB Profile

Do something that gets me a profile page on the Internet Movie Database. This could be an acting, directing, writing or producing credit.

  • Hike the El Camino de Santiago

My goal is to take a month off and do this in the summer of 2018. The El Camino de Santiago is 780km and takes about 30 days to walk/hike, but I’d like to continue on from Santiago to the ocean at Muxia or the “End of the World” at Finisterra.

  • Take a Self-defense Class

Boy Scouts Motto – Always be prepared. Boulder may be the happiest, healthiest and one of the safest cities in the US – but you never know.

  • Join The Boulder Frequent Flyers

See also “Go Sky Diving” & “Learn To Rock Climb”. This is another challenge to help me get over my fear of heights & staircases (especially ladders).

  • Give An Ignite Talk

I organized the first Ignite Houston, but I’ve yet to give an Ignite Talk of my own.

  • Visit The Galapagos Islands

Photograph and mingle with the animals.

  • Learn To Make Cheese

Take a cheesemaking class to learn how to make cheese at home.

Also learn to make nut cheeses. #92PercentVegan

  • Take A Pottery Class

The Boulder Potters Guild has an 8-week course on Ceramics – seems like a great place to start.

  • Try Acupuncture

I was watching an episode of Sex & The City the other night where Charlotte goes to a famous acupuncturist and I thought…why haven’t I ever tried that?

  • Take Calligraphy Lessons

I would love to write with wooden pens dipped into inkwells. I found a local woman who teaches Calligraphy and plan to sign up for lessons.

  • Take Ballet Classes

When I was a little girl I took Tap, Ballet & Jazz – but my one true love was Twirling. I was even a Texas State Champion Baton Twirler. If I had it to do all over again, I never would have quit Tap, Ballet & Jazz – in fact I would have taken Gymnastics too.

  • Go Skydiving

I’ve always had a fear of heights, and this is just one way that I plan to conquer that fear over the next few year. (See also: Trapeze & Rock Climbing)

Completed July 28th, 2012.

  • Learn To Play Piano

Sure, I can play Heart & Soul…but who can’t? I can also read music at an elementary level. But I’d love to be able to really play (maybe even play by ear).

  • Take Acting Classes

I’ve been trying to find a local acting class here in Boulder for a while – just today I found one. I’m auditing my first class on Wednesday night! If I officially enroll, I’ll cross this off my list.

Officially enrolled as of May 8th, 2013.

  • Learn To Tango

I had lunch with Tim Ferriss at Aqui in San Jose a few years back, in addition to writing bestselling books – at the time he was also the world champion record holder for the most Tango spins in a minute. He referred me to one of his favorite classes in Berkeley…which I attended. It was only a taste…but a taste was enough for me to know I wanted more.

  • Learn To Speak Spanish

I spent most of my life living in Texas (or Tejas), but I never took the opportunity to learn to speak Spanish fluently.

  • Become Mayor of Boulder

This is one of those BIG dreams that makes my tummy cringe. I’ve never really been that interested in Politics – but I love Boulder and I would love to serve this city in an official capacity to help make it even better!

  • Read Great Books

Shakespeare, Hemingway, Sophocles, Aristotle, Plato, Virgil, Bacon, Descartes, Milton, Newton, Locke, Swift, Goethe, Tolstoy, etc – I’d like to read as many of the great books as possible. I plan to join or start a Great Books Chapter to help facilitate this endeavor, and I commit to reading 4 Great Books each year.

  • Do A 30 Day Juice

Fast Right now I juice 2-3 days a week, but I’d really like to complete a full 30 day juice fast.

(See also “Buy A Juicer”)

  • Buy A Juicer

The juicer I’d like is the Breville Juice & Blend. It’s sorta pricey so I’m saving up for it now.

(I ended up buying both a Juicer and a Blendtec Blender)

  • Complete the Bikram 30 Day Challenge

I’ve been practicing Bikram yoga on and off since I was 7 years old, but I’ve yet to complete the 30 Day Challenge.

  • Learn to Play Racquetball

I used to play percussion so I’m pretty good with my wrists. My college Tennis instructor said I should try Racquetball instead.

  • Learn to Cook…

My friend Robin Leventhal from Top Chef Vegas offered to teach me how to chop onions and tomatoes like a pro – I plan to finally take her up on that.

  • Organize a Women’s Retreat in Boulder

Organize a weekend retreat for women in Boulder to explore connection, daring, and balance.

  • Compete in an Aquathlon

Just running and swimming in this event – but it’s something I’m determined to train for and try to complete.

  • Learn to Speak French Fluently

My French is average by all accounts, but I would love to improve it.

  • Submit An Essay to a National Magazine

I’d like to start writing more for publication. And the only way to make that happen is to start submitting more pieces to more magazines. Note to self: Get tips from Julia.

  • Keep A Journal in the Style of Phyllis Theroux

I loved The Journal Keeper- but at the same time it made me realize everything that is lacking in my own journals.

  • Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro

I’ve hesitated on adding BIG dreams like this to my list. But my friend Toby seems certain that with the right conditioning I can totally summit. So what the hell. Go BIG or go home right?

  • Take Aerial Fabric Dance For Beginners

I came across this class via Boulder Circus Center. I’m looking into taking the Beginners Class in July.

  • Run 10 Miles Without Stopping

I’m slowly discovering that longer runs are easier than shorter runs. Also bought some lovely new Salomon Trail Runners.

  • Run A Half-Marathon in 2017

Currently in training! Finally starting to understand why people love running.

  • Do A Handstand

I still have a bit of a fear of inversions. Combine that with poor upper body strength…well…I’m working on it. One day, I’ll get there.

  • Become A Certified Yoga Teacher

Finished my 200-hour teacher certification in 2015.

Currently continuing my training.

  • Take Horseback Riding Lessons

Along with heights, I have a strange fears of tall animals. I’d like to conquer this fear.

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