Meet Erica

In A Nutshell

Warrior. Student. Teacher. Writer. Yogi. Lover. Leader. Wordsmith. Buddhist. Quaker. Vegetarian. Runner. Actress. Designer. Developer. Technologist. Dog Person. Pilgrim. Truth-seeker. Truth-speaker. Boulderite.

Erica believes authenticity is greater than popularity, truth is FREEDOM, and love always wins.

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Continue under all circumstances.Katagiri Roshi

As A Teacher

Erica lives an ordinary life focused on simplicity, integrity, equality, community and peace. She believes that walking in the light is about a faith interwoven with mindfulness, connection, spirit, and love. Her life is her practice.

As a student of Zen, she can often be found staring at walls for hours on end, washing dishes with no awareness for the passing of time, and taking her problems on long walks in nature (Solvitur Ambulando).

She is first and foremost a spiritual teacher, giving her students far more than just a powerful asana practice. Her classes are a delicate blend of story and strength, wisdom and effort, legend and daring. A potpourri of focused magic.

She’s been described as a “catalyst for change within her community”, and “the bundle of energy we would all look too if the sun went out”. Like most everything, she takes these compliments in stride.

Erica lives in Boulder, CO, where she refuses to drive, and loves to hike and grocery shop as much as she possibly can. She is the publisher of Yoga Chronicles, an online publication sharing Real Stories From The Mat.

Random Fun Facts

On My Practice

  • 1

    I spend a lot of time wearing black and staring at blank white walls.

  • 2

    I practice Zen in the lineage of Maezumi Roshi.

  • 3

    I came to Zen broken-hearted. I thought maybe the practice could save me.

  • 4

    My teacher, Karen Maezen Miller, came to the practice in much the same way.

On My Love of Boulder

  • 1

    I used to publish an online lifestyle magazine about Boulder, Colorado.

  • 2

    I love yellow tulips, and I always joke that Boulder plants yellow tulips along the Pearl Street Mall just for me.

  • 3

    I’m scared of heights, but I hike in the mountains most weeks anyway.

  • 4

    Boulder is my soul city and it is my wish to live and die here.

Chop Suey
(Odds & Ends)

  • 1

    I walk 2 miles round-trip to the grocery store and back almost every day.

  • 2

    I am the proud dog guardian of Madison (age 6) & Shelby (age 6.5).

  • 3

    I’m currently training for my first half-marathon.

  • 4

    I’m a certified Yoga Teacher.

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