Strictly Business

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As the story goes, B was 11 years old when she dropped out of school and 12 when she had her first daughter. Shortly after, she moves to California where she takes a job working for a man running a car detailing business. She’s 16 now – still a girl. But society sees her as a woman and mother.

One day she asks the man “Bert, why don’t you ever take me out to dinner?”. Bert is older than her, yet still young, in his early 20’s. He tells her, “B, this is strictly business”.

A few years later, they are married. They decide to Honeymoon in Yosemite. In those days, the entry to the park was closed by a giant gate. They stop their car right outside of the gate, and before Bert steps out of the car he turns to her and says, “Now remember B, this is strictly business”.

They spend the next 50+ years together. Maybe the marriage isn’t always perfect…but there was always love. B dies first, and Bert follows a month later. They are buried in twin plots in Oakhurst, CA – right outside their beloved Yosemite.

Their tombstone reads…”Strictly Business“.

I can only hope we are lucky enough to spend as many years together as his grandparents. With the knowledge that life won’t always be perfect…but at least there will always be love.

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