Lucid Dreaming

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Last night in honor of my birthday we performed an SP ceremony and then I went home to do some lucid dreaming. I was in bed by 9 PM following a guided meditation specifically for healing through lucid dreaming. Around 2:38 AM I woke up in the middle of a dream where I was having a conversation with Garland. It was the kind of dream that feels more like Deja Vu than a dream. There was a real quality to what I’d experienced. I laid there thinking about him, about our interrupted conversation. I felt him, the way I feel people I love. His energy.

A few minutes later, I picked up my phone, and there was a missed text from him sent at 2:46 am. I laughed to myself. It was a beautiful text, the kind that felt heartfelt and genuine. The real Garland. Not the Garland who is always trying to hide his feelings.

I wrote back and said, “Huh…energy is a powerful thing. You were just on my mind…and I picked up my phone and saw this message. Thank you”.

He replied, “Indeed 🙂 powers greater than us at work”. 

I believe that. I know things far too often. Things I shouldn’t know. Messages from beyond. Energy vibrations.

This morning I probably ruined things by answering a question he asked about a comment I had made in a combative and superior way. I do that. It’s a defense mechanism. He politely informed me that in this particular instance I was wrong…but he was grateful for my insight.

Garland, I love you. I wish you were capable of communicating with me in the way I finally feel I can communicate with you. I regret not loving you sooner.

I think we’ll make incredible friends one day.


“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”Lao Tzu

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