Life Hack: Spotify Your Morning

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Back in July, Time posted an article detailing how Spotify partnered with Psychologist David M. Greenberg to create the perfect playlist for waking up.

As an early adopter (2009) who was lucky enough to be granted access to Spotify before it was available in the US, I love love love the service. I was excited to test out this playlist as my morning alarm.

First things first, how do you set your alarm to wake you up using Spotify instead of a song on your phone? If you have an iPhone I recommend Alarm Clock for Spotify (search the iTunes store). The only drawback is you have to have the app active in order for the alarm to function properly. If you have an Android phone I recommend Alarmify.

Does the playlist work?

Well, I’ve only tested it out one day so far – but I will say this morning was the easiest morning I’ve had getting out of bed in a long time. The idea behind the sequence of songs is to gradually wake up your body naturally. I even continued playing the playlist while in the shower.

Looking for the perfect playlist while working? I recommend this Relaxing Classical playlist or Acoustic Concentration playlist.




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