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Since 2007 my friends and I have been picking a #ThemeWord to encompass the year ahead. It’s an annual tradition that started with Erica Douglass at LifeCamp. Which means, we’re coming up on nearly a decade of words. Boggles my mind.

Maybe this year my #ThemeWord should be TRIGGERED. Everything seems to trigger me. Which isn’t the least bit fun. I don’t want to be triggered – I want peace.

A friend told me to try an experiment. She challenged me to spend a week following my feelings – making decisions from my body and heart – instead of my overactive mind. I often get lost in the story of things. The writer in me obsesses about story. What if this happened, instead of that? Which leads me to poking dragons – or stirring up unnecessary drama.

My life coach, gave me some great advice around getting unstuck when we’re stuck in story. She told me to go wash my hands with soap and hot water, or apply a few drops of lavender to my wrists every time my mind got caught up in the “what ifs?”. “You can’t stay in story when you’re in your senses. It’s just a story. Now, tell me a better story.”

That’s why I knew I had to officially pick my 2017 #ThemeWord today. I want to ensure next year has a better story than 2016 (which let’s face it, has pretty much been everyone’s worst year ever).


My 2017 #ThemeWord is FIERCE.

Definition: A feeling, emotion, or action showing a heartfelt and powerful intensity.

I’m ready to PLAY BIGGER (or as Ed would say, GO BIG OR GO HOME). I want to kick up the intensity of my life. I want to invite more in. Say YES. I want to get lost in projects and ideas and take a break from the drama of people and relationships. I want to make the shift from FEAR to LOVE.

For me, this starts with the launch of Fierce Life – Adventures in Fearless Living & Lifehacking Mental Wellness – two incredible new shows coming to you in 2017. Trailers have been shot and will be up soon!

In a nutshell:

Adventures in Fearless Living is a Boulder-based show where we are interviewing 12 ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

In Lifehacking Mental Wellness we interview Entrepreneurs and Startup Founders who suffer from Depression, Addiction, and/or are in Recovery.

On a personal note, I’ll be spending a couple months working full-time with my personal trainer to reset my health, and I’d like to spend more time with horses – so I’m calling that in too.

I hope 2017 will be my fiercest year yet.

Tell me – what is your #ThemeWord for 2017?

How to Pick Your #ThemeWord for 2017

  1. Think of a word that reflects your hopes and dreams for 2017.
  2. Share your ThemeWord with friends on Twitter, Facebook, or Your Blog.
  3. Be sure and use the hashtag #ThemeWord.



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