Have You Picked Your #ThemeWord for 2010?

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ThemeWords started as a yearly tradition at LifeCamp2007, where the idea was first proposed by Erica Douglass.  Participants picked one word to serve as an over-arching theme for the upcoming year.  I adopted this tradition in 2008, and am proud to see so many people participating in picking a ThemeWord for 2010!

Last year – my ThemeWord was TRANSITION.  I picked it because I felt exactly the way Tara felt when she wrote this post.  Of course, I didn’t imagine that my life would mirror hers so closely 😉

It didn’t occur to me that the tradition of picking a ThemeWord had become so mainstream, until I was talking to my friend Ruth on the phone tonight.  She mentioned that last year her ThemeWord had been FLOURISH.  And then I remembered that I’d had several other conversations with friends over the last few weeks – all talking about their ThemeWords for 2010.  Somehow from the time that first LifeCamp was held and today – the idea of ThemeWords had become an active meme.

Here are some of the #ThemeWords that my friends have chosen for 2010:

My friend Erica Douglass (@ericabiz) has chosen CREATE.

My friend Laura Fitton (@pistachio) has chosen COURAGE.

My friend Tara Hunt (@missrogue) has chosen ACHIEVE.

My friend Ruth Kalinka (@ruthkalinka) has chosen TRANSFORM.

And my #ThemeWord for 2010 – ADVENTURE.

Incidently – I just asked my friend Michael Cummings what his #ThemeWord was for 2010 – and he replied ADVENTURE.  But I said it first 😉

How to Pick Your #ThemeWord for 2010

  1. Think of a word that reflects your hopes and dreams for 2010.
  2. Share your ThemeWord with friends on Twitter, Facebook, or Your Blog.
  3. Be sure and use the hashtag #ThemeWord.

14 Comments on “Have You Picked Your #ThemeWord for 2010?”

  1. Mine is PRESENCE – I need to stop focusing on past or future and stay very present in the moment in my work life and my professional life – and experience it all!

    Shannon Kinney @shannonkin

    1. Great #themeword.

      I highly recommend "Living in Day-Tight Compartments". See Dale Carnegie's How To Stop Worrying & Start Living for more on this technique.

  2. I hadn't heard of ThemeWords until now. I find it rather funny, though, because for 2009, I started that on my own, not realizing any one else did something similalr. Only I didn't call it a ThemeWord – I called it my single-minded goal for the year. I like ThemeWord better, though.

    Anywho, my ThemeWord for 2009 has been Action. I'm thinking Create for 2010. Although, with the way things have been going the last few weeks, it might just be Transition . . .

    I guess we'll see!

    Happy New Year, Erica! 😉

      1. Good question, Erica. I honestly hadn't quite thought of it yet. 😉 But I'm a writer and designer so new projects and new client relationships are at the top of the list.

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  5. I've been thinking about mine. 2009 was CHANGE and I'm still working on that, but let me tell you…2010's is going to be a doozy. Will post soon about it, once I'm ready to commit to it. 😀

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