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The quieter you become, the more you can hear.

Current #2015Themes

Each Year I pick a #ThemeWord, #ThemeColor & #ThemeSong to encapsulate the year ahead. Current 2015 Themes:

#ThemeWord: THRIVE
#ThemeColor: GOLD
#ThemeSong: Don't Be Shy by Cat Stevens (from the Album Gold)
#ThemeMantra: Move Sweetly Towards The Edge

Archived Themes

Current City: Boulder, CO

I'm currently living in Boulder Colorado - the happiest, healthiest city in America.

New Here? About

Welcome to my laboratory - where I practice real-time life hacking. From experiments in willpower to controversial waist-training - join me as I attempt to improve my life one hack at a time.

Keywords: Life Hacking. Lifestyle Design. Technology. Naked Writing. Radical Honesty. Random Acts Of ________. Adventure. Courage. Food. Fashion. Fitness. Meditation. Zen.
Real Time Life Hacking
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